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Barngarla people rediscover their language  -





















Pride and identity: Reviving Indigenous languages -





















Stephen Fry Interviewing Professor Ghil’ad Zuckermann on the Hebrew Revival:


Scotty Morrison Interviewing Professor Zuckermann on Te Reo Maori:


Andy Park (SBS) on the Barngarla language revival:


Linguicide (SBS):

An 8-minute clip of Stephen Fry interviewing Professor Zuckermann on the Hebrew Revival:





Bruce Hill , ABC Radio Australia, 12 August  2013:

Indo Fijians should be proud of Fiji Hindi says academic


Bruce Hill , ABC Radio Australia, 2 August  2013:

Revival of 'dead' aboriginal languages could work in Pacific


ABC News ,By Caroline Winter, Thursday, July 25, 2013, Click Play To Listen:




Lingua Franca, ABC Radio National, 20 October 2012:


Language More Important than Land:

Reawakening Language:





A blog on Revivalistics, language reclamation and wellbeing:


An article by Anna Goldsworthy on the Barngarla language reclamation (The Monthly, September 2014):

Language no boundary for Steven Atkinson


Stop, Revive and Survive, The Australian:


Aboriginal community in South Australia reclaim lost language:


Sleeping Languages May Be Lost Forever:


Compensation for Lost Languages:


Aboriginal Languages Deserve Revival:


Australia’s Unspeakable Aboriginal Tragedy:


Language Revival: Sleeping Beauties Awake:


Language revival expert calls for native tongue title:


Reclaiming their language:


Cultural historical event begins:


Rejoicing at AUSTRALEX:


Talking endangered words in Adelaide:


Historical and moral arguments for language reclamation:


Waking up Australia's sleeping beauty languages:


Hope for revival of dormant indigenous languages:


Awakening the "sleeping beauties" of Aboriginal languages :


Group moves to preserve Barngarla language:

ABC News, By Caroline Winter - Thursday, July 25, 2013
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