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Anglo-Hebraic Lexical Mnemonics


Some of Prof. Ghil`ad Zuckermann's

Anglo-Hebraic Lexical Mnemonics

(for English-speaking students of Israeli)



(1) Oh hell, there's a rac(c)oon in my TENT.


(2) There's a FORK in Ma’s leg.


(3) QUICKLY, my hair is burning.


(4) She has said ENOUGH and must speak no more;

if she doesn't STOP, I'll die!


(5) This HOUSE is beautiful, I think I’ll buy it.


(6) He gave her a kiss BECAUSE she put her key in his POCKET.


(7) As she entered the filthy MARKET, she shook her head in disgust.


(8) My comb is not in the PLACE I left it.


(9) An OX is walking along the shore.


(10) You must sue Sam over the HORSE!


(11) Turn off the microwave, the CHICKEN is ready.


(12) This BOOK is safer.


(13) You must use a PITCHFORK in order to Kill Sean.


(14) Every time I enter a MOSQUE, I miss God.


(15) Don't play the ROLE of the tough kid too much, it will exhaust you.


(16) SEPARATE the apples by their colour: half red, half green.


(17) Give all the flower, not just the STEM.


(18) Amazingly, she dug out a FISH in her garden.


(19) He didn't consider the crowd's boos to be CONTEMPT.


(20) You ought to learn this LETTER!


(21) A bull stepped on my STAMP collection.


(22) ‘Why pardon?’, asked the BULL.


(23) ‘With this UNDERSHIRT I look guffy, ya?’, said the German.


(24) I DID A CT examination.


(25) ‘You POOR child’, said Miss Kenn.


(26) Till the ROCKET takes off.


(27) Get into the car, it's COLD outside.


(28) Let's GIVE him something, said Knee Ten to Knee Five.


(29) ‘Par-pardon’, said the stammering BUTTERFLY.


(30) ‘Why pardon?’, asked the BULL.


(31) The tip she gave me was STUPID.


(32) It's not a he, it’s a SHE!


(33) Laugh, laugh; he is a NERD!  


(34) Intriguingly, they found a key in his VOMIT.


(35) In the living room you can meet Beethoven, but come in to my KITCHEN and meet Bach.

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